Heating and Cooling Tips

 Heating Cooling Tips

One of the questions I am often asked is ” How often should I service my furnace or ac unit? “

The short answer is every year, that is what the manufacturer recommends.

In the field, I would say most times with equipment under 15 years old that every two years would suffice. AC units that run from the first hot day all summer without a break may need yearly service as they tend to get plugged with debris quicker.

Furnaces that are older than 15 years should have yearly inspections paying special attention to the heat exchanger condition. The normal on-off cycle of the furnace will stress the heat exchanger components over time, and will eventually cause failure. Most gas furnaces have 20-year warranties on the heat exchanger so looking at the condition yearly is proactive at that 15-year mark.

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Just like your car, any unusual noises or irregularities in operation are cause for concern and a call for service should be made.