Customer Testimonials

Our heating went out in the middle of the night. We called Rick first thing in the morning and he came within a couple of hours. He fixed the problem, gave us a few tips, and told us to call him in a week just to be sure the problem didn't reoccur. It was a refreshing experience of honesty and awesome customer service.

Ron and Paula   

The fan blade on my 1994 AC unit broke. It had been originally installed by Hoffman by the previous owners of the house, so I called them. They came out the next day, even though I couldn't be home and looked at it. Said it was fixable and just needed a new fan blade, ordered it right away and said it would be in about 2 days. It actually came in later that same day and Rick came out and installed it right away, even though I was still not able to be home. Great service! Quick response time. I recommend Rick and Hoffman Heating and Cooling for everyone!

Cynthia Buttweiler   

A co-worker referred us to Rick Hoffman back in 1994.

"You want service all the way from Elk River", he asked?
"Great service is hard to find, and you come highly recommended", I replied.
He made the drive that day, and six times since, for various furnace and A/C issues.
No one else has touched our heating and cooling since!

It's a joy to watch a true professional work, and that he is.
Great service, no delays or bull, an astonishingly reasonable bill, and helpful hints to avoid having him back too soon!

Have never had any other service provider come close to the quality Rick delivers.

Craig and Janet

Craig Williamson   

What a delight Rick Hoffman has been to work with over more than 20 years' time! He's been cheerfully available and trustworthy whenever needed, and always got the job done right the first time. Always! He's actually saved me money through his overall expertise! I'd often be amazed and smile when he'd arrive, already having the replacement part he'd need, before he's even diagnosed things! He really knows his business well, and is one heck of a great tech! Otherwise, and don't tell him this but... I think he waay under-prices himself for his high-level of service and performance. But then, that just sweetens the deal for us, huh? I do trust Rick Hoffman, completely. 'Just a great guy who's honest, caring, and works hard. As I recall the many, many people I've met over my career, I can put Rick Hoffman's name right there with the best!

Thank you Rick,

Dan Hertsgaard,WCCO Radio, ret.   

I was given Rick's name from a friend, after the gas company told me I needed a new ac system because I had a freon leak they could not find.
He was at my house for less than 10 minutes and located the leak in the coil on top of the furnace. A new one was installed the next week and it has been working better than ever! Thanks Rick!

Peggy Seestrom   

Rick has been servicing my furnace and air conditioner for 20 years. He has always been honest and is extremely knowledgable. I would highly recommend Rick to anyone.

Madelin Johnston